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Ficlet: A Waiting Game (Peter)

Title: A Waiting Game
Fandom: Fringe
Author: [ profile] chichuri 
Characters/Pairing: Peter, Peter/Olivia
Word Count: 370
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Peter considers how Olivia has been acting around him since the events of "Jacksonville".
Spoilers: Through episode 2.16, "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.".
Disclaimer: I don't own Fringe or its characters. 


A Waiting Game

Olivia is skittish.
Again. Still.
Things between them are awkward, more so than back in the beginning when all Peter knew about her was that she bluffed like a pro and had a penchant for taking stupid risks for the people she cared about. Ever since that near kiss, she's avoided his eyes and barely let herself relax, burying herself in work and solitude and sleepless nights.
Whatever this attraction is, it's out in the open, the unspoken elephant that's taken up residence between them. For him, it's been there for months; fully acknowledged if only to himself from the moment he watched her pale and lifeless in the hospital bed and realized the depth of his mourning. He bets the first time she let herself think about the possibility, though, was that night when she leaned towards him with her defenses down.
And he responded without thinking through the risks.
There, at that moment, she was just as willing to take that step as he; he'd moved slow enough to make damned sure of it. It wasn't until later, once the giddy triumph of the night wore off, that she started to think about her actions and the possible repercussions. If he ever needs a reminder that he pushed too hard, too fast, all he has to do is catch one of the quick, sidelong glances she keeps giving him, the wary glances of a wild creature sizing up a potential threat with equal parts interest and trepidation. She's off balance and withdrawing while she tries to regain her equilibrium, and if he's not careful he could fuck this up and scare her away.
He knows Olivia well enough—or thinks he does, anyway—to realize that if she really wasn't interested, she'd have made it clear by now. Besides, nothing about those looks of hers say "not interested", just "not ready". He can give her the space she needs to figure out what she wants to do.
He wants—needs, maybe—to keep her as a friend; that's a priority. Top of the list. Anything else? He'll watch. He'll wait. And maybe, if the time comes when she's ready, he'll get a second chance at making his move.

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Well done, I think this probably is what Peter thinks just now.

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I agree- in the most recent episode, when she "agreed" with him that they don't want to hurt the "little family unit," his huge grin made it seem like he thinks he's telling her what she wants to hear.

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Yeah, I thought Peter seemed way too happy all episode for this not to be in the background--if he'd been really worried about screwing up the family unit, I doubt he would have been practically bouncy.

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Thank you! I'm glad it seemed plausible.

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Very well in character, you could almost see that in the last episode as well. The poor guy is confused, with good reason.

Very nice :D

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that it seemed in character.

And yeah, poor Peter's in for a big shock whenever the revelation comes around.
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I really liked this. It sounds very likely to be what Peter's thought process is now.

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Thank you! I'm glad it seemed plausible.

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See, I never get tired of how you can take canon and just make it better. It's the right tone for where Peter would be, it nails the fact that he's not oblivious to her interest, and it realistically and in-character-ly explains how he'd misunderstand the near-kiss as the cause of Olivia's tension. Brilliant.

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*blushes* Thank you, as always! Does this answer your request for fic for the SUV scene? *grins*

I'll admit, I think Peter would also be noting the tension between Olivia and Walter (I mean, how could he miss it?) and guess that some of her tension is due to that, but I couldn't figure out how to get all that in this little bit of story.

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I really feel this is where Peter's head is right now. You could see it in the episode.

I like the distinction between the moment he noticed the attraction and she noticed. I definitely feel that seeing her in the hospital was the turning point for him.

And love love too that he recognized that it wasn't so much "not interested" as "not ready." I like how the episode handled it where they didn't discount that there was anything between them (in fact it reinforced it with her not wanting to tell him & him recognizing that she'd called him out of anyone!), just made it clear that romantically things can't progress right now.

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked what I did with this.

Yeah, I really like how the writers are handling the Peter/Olivia relationship in the show: not ignoring the attraction between characters, just putting it on the backburner even while showing that that the attraction--and maybe more--is really there.

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very well in character !


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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much.

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Perfectly sums up Peter at the moment, I think. GOOD JOB! <3

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Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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About to post the missing scene~~

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Yay! *grins* Glad you found inspiration.

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It's up. Go forth and fap read, my child.

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I can has more fic plz? :(

Lovely. Dude, there is FAR too much time between Fringe eps, and not HALF enough fics to fill the gaps!

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Hopefully more fic. I'm actually writing again, at least a little, which is better than most of the last couple months.

Glad you liked this. And yes, more fic to fill in the gaps would at least make the wait time between episodes more tolerable.
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Lovely. Such a great take on Peter's character.

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Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.