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Ficlet: Broken (Peter)

Title: Broken
Fandom: Fringe
Author: [ profile] chichuri 
Characters:  Peter, Olivia, Walter
Word Count: 318
Rating: PG
Summary: As soon as Peter sees Olivia, he knows something is wrong. Follow-up to "Jacksonville".
Spoilers: Through episode 2.14, "Jacksonville".
Disclaimer: I don't own Fringe or its characters. 



Her eyes are broken.
Deep in the back of his mind, howling sets in. For her, for him, for both.
Not a minute before, Olivia was as happy as Peter's seen her; now, pain and despair war in her eyes. More so than when she thought she'd been killing people in her dreams; more so than hours before, when she thought she'd failed and even more people would die.
Less than a minute he was gone, and now she's staring at Walter like he's destroyed her world.
The howling rises, threatening to drown out his thoughts. "Olivia," he barely whispers, as gentle as he can manage. She's the strongest person he's ever met but right now he's afraid if he pushes wrong, she'll shatter.
She turns to him and her eyes are unfocused, not quite looking at him but not not looking at him. She's completely raw, none of the walls she normally throws up hiding her pain, and it hurts to look at her and not know what happened or how to make it better.
She shifts back on her heels and not-looks at him still, head down and darting glances up. "I have to talk to Walter. Alone. I'm sorry." She wraps her arms around herself, shaking slightly, but her voice is even. "I'm sorry," she repeats, and her voice breaks on the final word. She blinks rapidly, hands fisting and relaxing at her sides.
Peter tears his eyes away, studies Walter huddled against the wall. His father's staring at Olivia, eyes pleading. When Peter finally manages to speak, the words don't come out venomous, like he expected, but hollow. Hollow and empty, just like he feels. "What did you do?"
Olivia chokes back a desperate snort, then a something that sounds suspiciously like a sob, and he knows, knows that the world has dropped out from under him and nothing will ever be the same.

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... excuse me, I need to find a dustpan and broom for the pieces of my heart.

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Yeah, I suspect broken hearts is the best we can expect of this storyline. I don't think there's any way this is going to end well.

Thanks for reading!

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I know... Thanks for reading.

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Oh Peter...

I can imagine the show going exactly like this. How could it not?

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Thank you.

I'm expecting that we've seen the last of the light and innocent Peter and Olivia banter for a long while. This revelation is going to shadow everything.

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Yeah :(

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Great job in this fic... I can't imagine Olivia just agreeing to keep that secret, or being able to pull herself together from this. My heart breaks for Walter, too, because we know he's a different person now than he was then, but I think he would do it all over again because he loves Peter so much. The previews made it look like we're going to learn more about the hows and whys of losing our world's Peter and taking the one from the AU. It's going to be interesting to see where the writers go next.

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Thank you! Yeah, I think everything's about to get blown wide open, and soon. They've been building to this for a long time, and I suspect the results is going to shatter the happy little Fringe Division family.

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Oh wow you pack so much power into so few words. Gah, I LOVE this. You took that look Anna Torv gives us at the end of the ep and do so much with it here. I love the part about the howling. It fits so well with the episode and the dogs barking because they know destruction is near.

And I really love how you have Peter so keenly zero in on the fact that Olivia is hurting in a way that he's never seen her hurt before. Because he knows her, and he knows how to read her, and the look that she gave at the end of the episode really did give the impression that Walter had destroyed her world. He'd already ruined it a bit by taking her childhood away from her with those cortexiphan trials, but I don't know how she can forgive him for messing with that one person in her adult life right now that she relies on and turns to.

And I just really enjoy Peter's thoughts in this. How of course it's his first instinct to make everything better for her but he can't when she won't quite look at him, won't tell him what she's thinking or how she's feeling as she usually does with either her look or words.

Then if my heart wasn't breaking enough for Olivia, you broke my heart for Peter too when he turns to accuse his father and the words come out hollow and empty. Olivia and Walter are the two people he cares about most in the world, and he sure as hell can tell something is wrong and that things won't ever be the same.

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Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! (and totally flailing that you left such a long and wonderful review on such a tiny little bit of fic!)

Olivia killed me at the end of the episode; the look in her eyes was heartwrenching. And given how well Peter seems to know Olivia, how many times he's looked at her and asked what was wrong and if she was all right, I just can't see him not knowing something was wrong. And with all of this coming out in the open, the angst is going to shadow the entire rest of the season.

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Exactly! The writers have shown us time after time how in tune he is with her feelings and emotions and how much he cares about her and how she's doing. So I just can't see her being able to keep this a secret from him for that long. And there will be major angst which I'm totally okay with and excited for as long as it's done right (which I have faith that the writers will do!)

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I think the angst will be awesome to watch; I'm just hoping there's a third season to carry us through to the logical conclusions of all the angst, and maybe help us start to get a smattering of happy resolution.

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Ugh. Wonderfully heartbreaking.

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Thank you.

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Oh, wow. To borrow a phrase from Bones, that's just heartcrushing.

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Thank you. And I got to say, I think the angst stemming from this episode is going to be epic.

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I think I've read more Jacksonville fic in the past few days than all the Fringe fic put together in the past month. Angst = inspiration. ;)

The fallout from this is going to be painful. Which is good, as long as there is some sort of happiness on the horizon.
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This is exactly how I hope that scene goes down on the show. Very nice.

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Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed my angsty little followup to the episode.

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Oh... Am I a bad person when I say I might actually hate Walter for this?! -.-

So heartbreaking... *sniff*

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I expect everyone's going to hate Walter, just a little bit, by the time we're done with this story arc.

Thank you for reading!

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Uh, hello. You can't write that and then just stop there! Gahhh.


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Thank you!

No, you probably do want me to stop there. If I don't, it's just going to get even more angsty from here.

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Olivia chokes back a desperate snort, then a something that sounds suspiciously like a sob, and he knows, knows that the world has dropped out from under him and nothing will ever be the same.

Amazing. You just love to hurt us little people, don't you? You just love to pin us down with your words and shatter our emotions, like they're nothing but glass walls; brittle, glass walls.

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Thank you. Is it wrong that I'm honored (and a little humbled) that my words had this much power over you?

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I believe in the power of words. For me to read something so dramatic, light and dark at the same time and still be shocked is a damn good thing. So, you should be honored that your words had this power on me. And this isn't the first time it's happened. This is probably the millionth time it's happened. Stop it! It's wrong for you to hurt our pudgy hearts with nails of pain and joy. A double blade hurts more than a blade with only one motive.

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See, sometimes I like the angst because it makes the joy so much brighter in contrast, and the struggle to find that joy all the sweeter. I'm hoping that will be the same for the show, too, although I'm half afraid it will end up leaving us all with broken hearts instead.

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I know they're gonna be together. That part, I'm sure of. But I can't have them be together and be apart at the same time, if you get what I mean. I just can't see them be together in essence, but one be in the alternate universe and the other be in ours, wishing to be part of each others lives. I can't deal with that and nor do I want to.

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Ouch. Nicely done.

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Thank you.

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You made me all teary. You are good.

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Thank you very much.

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I could really see this happening and I hope it does. it would be so breathtaking and heartwrenching and god!!! is it April yet? you've blown me away.

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Thank you very much. The angst from the fallout of this episode is going to be huge, I suspect.

Less than seven weeks before we find out what comes next...

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Kill me again and again, my dear. You do it so well.

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Hmm, not sure if I should thank you or try to revive you. *grins* I'm delighted, though, that my words had that much power.

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Oh my goodness, this is PERFECT. Absolutely perfect following the end of that episode. Wow....just wow! I almost died at the end when she "saw" him. I can only imagine what this'll mean for their relationship in the future. Also, this was just brilliantly written! Fantastic little ficlet here. Perfect follow up to an incredible episode ♥

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Thank you so very much!

I really think the Peter/Olivia relationship is going to be a while coming, at this point. The revelations of this episode is going to shadow everything, and I think our happy little Fringe family is about to have a fallout of massive proportions.

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Oh man, that was good. You got me, right there, in the HEART with this! :(

She turns to him and her eyes are unfocused, not quite looking at him but not not looking at him. IDK why, but that's my favorite line. Fantastic job. :D

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.